Isolation Valves


Gland packing valves, bellow sealed valves, gate valves, piston valves;

Provides Flow Control
Can Work At High Temperatures
Since the stroke distance is short, the number of opening and closing rounds is low.
The seat does not damage the seat surface in contact with the seat.
Metal-to-metal sealing is achieved very well.

As seen in the figure, as the fluid changes direction inside the valve
pressure losses are high.
Fluid accumulation occurs on the damper depending on the fluid type, which causes the stroke length to be shortened.
It only allows one-way flow. (excluding gate valves)

Ball valves, Butterfly valves, monoblock valves;

Minimum Pressure Drop
Perfect Sealing
Easy to Open and Close (with 90 °)
Remote position detection

It is heavy due to its design feature.
If the valve is closed for a long time and the lime ratio of the fluid
If it is high, the sealing element and the sphere stick to each other.
During the process, ruptures may occur from the sealing element.
After a certain nominal diameter, opening and closing torque values are high due to design reasons.


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