Heat Exchangers

Plate heat exchangers are items that operate according to the principle of heat transfer between two different fluids with temperature difference. Heating fluid and the fluid to be heated are completely separated by plates.

The standard plate heat exchangers have a total of four inlet-outlet ports, two of which are the inlet and outlet of the heating fluid and the other two of the fluid to be heated. It is also possible to produce heat exchangers with more than one heater or heating fluid with customized production.


• Front body with input-output connections and information
• Upper and lower carrying bar used to secure the plates
• The first plate that prevents the liqu id from contacting with the body
• Flow plates that allow the passage of fluids and heat transfer
• Completely closed end plat,e which prevents fluid from coming into contact with the rear body
• Rear body that can move on the bar
• It consists of studs and knots, which ensure that the plates are kept at a certain size


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