Clean Agent Suppression Systems

Have you ever thought that your data, systems that you have been using for many years, and your valuable assets that you cannot replace with a new one, which have a share in your company’s labor for years, may be destroyed by fire?

The damage that a fire that may occur for a simple reason can cause both to you, your customers and those around you can make you lose a lot of money, both financially and morally. Even a one-day stop due to a fire can cause you huge income, loss of customers and prestige.

Precautions should always be taken against fire. However, it is very important to choose the right system in the right place. Where you have valuable systems or information, water extinguishing systems can cause greater damage. For this reason, gas extinguishing systems that have been used for more than 40 years in the protection of your valuable assets will provide you with the appropriate solution.

Clean Gases Used for Extinguishing Purposes in Gas Extinguishing Systems

– It has no electrical conductivity; Therefore, it will not harm your electronic devices.
– It is not harmful to human health if international standards and legal rules are followed.
– It leaves no residue and requires no cleaning.
-It reduces the amount of smoke and soot in the environment as it spreads quickly to the environment.
– It penetrates even the points where water cannot reach by providing three-dimensional extinguishing.

Ayvaz 227 Clean Agent Extinguishing Systems

HFC-227 is the most preferred and applied gas in clean gas extinguishing systems. It allows you to use your facility without causing any damage or interruption in case of fire. Thanks to the system design made with UL listed software, it is discharged to the environment in 6-10 seconds and, due to its chemical structure, it absorbs the heat in the fire environment and destroys the heat leg of the fire triangle.

It also prevents re-ignition. Prevents solid, flammable liquid and electrical fires before they cause serious harm to you. If the fire extinguishing system is installed using HFC-227, there will be no waste, pollution, etc. in the environment after the extinguishing process. does not leave. From data processing rooms to electrical rooms; You can use it with peace of mind in many applications from data centers to museums.

Ayvaz 125 Clean Agent Extinguishing Systems

AYVAZ 125 offers a UL listed gas extinguishing system using approved HFC-125 clean gas. With AYVAZ 125, you can protect your most valuable assets and maintain your business continuity without interruption. As you know, in all clean gas extinguishing systems, when the gas protection is discharged to the desired area, it must remain in the environment for a certain period of time.

Due to its physical properties, HFC-125 is 15% compared to HFC-227 in terms of residence time; It provides a 25% more effective solution than FK-5-1-12. At the same time, another advantage of the AYVAZ 125 system is that less amount of HFC-125 gas is needed compared to other chemical gases to maintain the same volume of room in many applications. Due to the chemical properties of HFC-125 clean gas, 20% from HFC-227 per m3 in the same volume; It allows you to install a gas extinguishing system by using 38% less gas than FK-5-1-12. In this way, the system can be transported to longer distances with smaller pipe diameters. Ayvaz offers you economical solutions with AYVAZ 125 with less gas, less piping and installation costs.

AYVAZ FK-5-1-12 Clean Agent Extinguishing Systems

AYVAZ UL listed gas extinguishing system using FK-5-1-12 approved Novec 1230 (FK-5-1-12) gas.

It is stored as a liquid in the cylinders and turns into gas in the discharge to be made during a fire.It is preferred due to its low exposure time in the atmosphere without affecting the environment and human health.

It can be preferred in places where electricity and other gaseous extinguishing will be used effectively without affecting human health like other clean gases.Compared to Halon 1301, it provides a significant improvement in environmental interaction parameters.The Novec 1230 extinguisher is a durable and sustainable solution for fire protection in special hazard classes.

The right solution for replacing Halon 1301 system: AYVAZ 125

The use of Halon 1301, which was the most used product of gas extinguishing systems in the past, was prohibited after the damage it caused to the environment was determined. Due to its HFC-125 chemical component properties, it is the system that provides you the most convenience in replacing the existing Halon 1301 system. You can renew the system by replacing the central equipment with AYVAZ 125 without making any changes in the existing piping.

Usage Areas of Gas Extinguishing Systems

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