Sprinkler Systems are automatic fire sensing and extinguishing systems that splash the water comes through connected pipeline. Public places like shopping malls, theatres, concert halls, hotels where the intervention time is crucial are the places where these systems are commonly chosen and used.

Ayvaz sprinkler hose and assembly kit can be effectively used in these systems and come over many connection difficulties caused by rigid piping.


Flexible structure of stainless steel corrugated hose provides various advantages;

• Hose assembly is not affected by external movements and is able to suspend seismic motions.
• Flexibility of the hose provides required safety for all systems.
• Easy installation the hose and the sprinkler device into ceiling with assembly kit save on installation time and costs by eliminating pipe wastage and reducing the labour associated with cutting, threading, and sealing pipe threads.
• It is so easy to align and tighten sprinkler side of the hose with desired point of ceiling. Also, due to smart design of the fixing kit, sprinkler side of the hose can easily be moved and adjusted on vertical axis.
• It is not necessary to adjust sprinkler location if ceiling alignment and level are changed.
• Stainless steel hose and braiding provide high resistance against heat and temperature.
• The system is highly resistant against corrosive effect of the water that is kept in the hose for a long time.


Ayvaz offers different types of Sprinkler Hoses that can be customized to your needs.


Flexible metal hoses have to be reliable wherever they are used. As Ayvaz, we work with quality certification bodies around the world to produce the most reliable and longest-lasting products.

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