Fire Detection And Alarm Systems

The principle of the fire detection system is to detect with detectors, which are detection equipment in an environment, to alarm the system and to inform the environment that there is an emergency with the help of sirens, and to prevent loss of life and property with this warning system.

Fire Detection and Extinguishing Panel

It is the center where all the information of the system is collected and processed. All other devices are connected to the control panel. The status of the system is monitored and controlled via the panel.

Special panels with IP65 protection class are placed inside so that the extinguishing panels can stand outside.

Panels, which are the main products used in the extinguishing system for expensive, irreplaceable and dangerous equipment, are the point where heat or smoke is detected from the environment and reported to the environment with sirens.

Optical Smoke Detector and Base

Smoke detectors detect smoke particles caused by fire in the area to be protected and send information to the fire alarm panel.

It is placed at the dominant point of the room and is easy to install.

Heat Detector and Base

Heat detectors are placed in a dominant part of the room, detecting the rising heat and notifying the fire detection panel. It is easy to install.

Flame detector and Base

They are devices that detect flames or glare in the environment against fire and transmit the situation to the control panel thanks to optical cells that detect the flame.

Flame detectors are used to detect flames or flares that may occur in the environment.

Discharge Button (Release)

In addition to being an automatic system of fire detection and extinguishing, this system can also be intervened manually.

When the discharge button is pressed, the extinguishing gas is discharged into the space without waiting for any countdown time.

Stop Button (Abort)

The stop button provides the option to manually intervene in the extinguishing system.

It is used to cancel the countdown started for the system to be activated.

Electronic Siren

It notifies the personnel that the extinguishing system is activated in line with the information transmitted to the Detection Panel.

Electronic Beacon Siren

In line with the information transmitted to the detection panel, it notifies the personnel visually and audibly that the extinguishing system is activated.

Dry Type Battery

Fire detection system batteries are in a back-up status for all devices in the system.

It works as a backup power of many elements such as detection panel, sirens, flashing sirens.

It is a general purpose battery included in the system so that the system can be operational in all cases.


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