Fabric Expansion Joints


Fabric expansion joints are highly flexible connections installed in pipe & ductwork as well as industrial items to compensate for expansion, resulting from heat or misalignment as well as vibrations as a result of mechanical and acoustical movements.

Fabric expansion joints are manufactured from high grade synthetic materials, elastomers and asbestos free fabrics. As a result of their superior flexibility, they can take axial, lateral, angular and torsion movements. Fabric expansion joints are mainly employed for gaseous media like air or clean gas or gas containing aggressive and abrasive as well as liquid matter.

Application Areas

• Gas turbine plants
• Power plants, boiler or diesel powered plants
• Dust Erection Plants
• Cement Industry
• Chemical & Petrochemical industry
• Metallurgical and smelter industry


Reinforcing glass fabric in flange area
Silicon-coated glass fabric for ambient protection
PTFE-Foil as an acid barrier
Glass or ceramic fiber as temperature protection
Super duty silica or glass fabric to protect the insulation package
Pre insulation to protect the flex joint against temperature above 600°C
Construction and shape varies with temperatures, movements and construction form
Stainless steel wire mesh for shaping and maintenance of shape


Tube/Tape Form:

Operating Temperature: -60 to 450 °C
Operating Pressure: Up to 200mbar
Only circular type is available

U Form:

Operating Temperature: -60 to 600 °C
Operating Pressure: Up to 1 bar
Circular & Rectangular types are available

Tube Form (Circular)/Tape Form (Rectangular)

Operating Temperature: -60 to 1200 °C
Operating Pressure: Up to 1 bar
Circular & Rectangular types are available
Above 600 °C pre-insulation is necessary (bolster)
A baffle plate must be installed when velocity exceeds 20 m/s or if particles are expected in the media.

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